About Us


I’m writing this on a Monday. It’s March 30, 2020.

This date has special meaning to me, given that it’s my birthday. We’re in the throes of the Coronavirus pandemic. Las Vegas – our current home – looks certain to be bludgeoned by the aftermath of a disease that discourages hospitality and travel. Projections for unemployment are now in the 30-percent range – where we were just touching 3% merely a month ago. So this date could be celebrated, might be ominous, or may simply be another Monday in a stream of days between Sunday and Tuesday. But this date also has special meaning because these are the first public words I’m writing under the banner of

This project has been bouncing its way around my brain for years now. The underlying question: How do we build our careers? How do we imagine, understand, craft, create, delay, cancel, unwind, rebuild, restart and master our careers? How do we look in the eye of something that only materializes in the rear-view mirror? And yet for all of us – we know all to well what it’s like to ask a child what they want to be when they grow up. What do we aspire to be – and what stands in our way to accomplish our greatest achievements?

How can we build a company designed to help.

I’m not sure yet what exactly Careen will be. But I’m excited to get this journey started, and I hope at some point in the future this post will be an inspiring relic to look back upon. If you’ve made it here – stay close and let’s journey to the next place together.